Rothrock homestead Davenport, Nebraska

Thoughts On An Old House – A Day in Davenport, Nebraska

There’s an old farmhouse on Road 4, Davenport, Nebraska. Like so many other old homesteads in Nebraska, it is worn out and inhabits a quiet air of the forgotten, days gone by. Not quite dilapidated and falling down, you can see it’s getting close. You probably wouldn’t give the place a second glance as you drive by on the gravel road. And yet, it’s the single most important house in my memory.

Horses make my heart happy

Hello Heartache, Welcome to Me – Why I Started This Blog

Sitting on my porch this morning and drinking coffee, I’m excited to write my next blog post. I have so many on my list, about hiking, traveling, singing, playing guitar. So…..why am I stuck? What’s holding me back? Why am I watching the cursor blink on my laptop screen, unable to start?

View from Pawnee Buttes Overlook Pawnee National Grassland

Pawnee Buttes Hike in Pawnee National Grassland

I absolutely love the mountains. And yet my soul sometimes yearns for the wide open expanse of the high plains, mesmerizing waves of grass in the prairie wind. I’ve found just the place to get my range fix. Pawnee National Grassland in northeastern Colorado is one of 20 national grasslands in the U.S. The Pawnee Buttes, rising 300 feet above the prairie, are the most awe-inspiring feature of the park. The Pawnee Buttes Trail hike transports you back in time a couple of hundred years to the days of the wild frontier.