Forget About Agile vs. Waterfall, It’s About Silo Busting

Silo busting in companies

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on LinkedIn.

Agile is not the answer to all of your company’s problems. Silo busting is. Trust me, I know. I’ve been a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach for eight years now. Every single company I’ve worked at said they were doing Agile. That was somewhat true. Part of the company was doing Agile. Software development teams were pulling work from a backlog, having daily standups, and planning work. Usually teams were making some effort toward continuous improvement and automation. They were trying to build relationships with business stakeholders.

These are all great efforts. But this does not mean the company as a whole is Agile. It also doesn’t necessarily mean the company is effectively delivering business value to customers. Agile vs. waterfall isn’t the issue, it’s communication across the organization. Silo busting is the key ingredient to successfully getting stuff done.

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Nashville’s Broadway District – A Weekend of Music

Nashville Happens Here sign

It’s warm in Nashville on this Thursday night before Memorial Day 2018. My guy, Bryan, and I are walking from our high rise hotel in trendy, corporate downtown toward Nashville’s Broadway District. We’re here for a weekend of music—U2’s eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE concert and the Grand Ole Opry.

The streets and sidewalks are mostly empty in downtown Nashville. After only a block or so from downtown, the scenery changes. There are more people out and about. People are drinking, talking, and hanging out on bar patio decks. The noise level is steadily rising. We round the corner onto Broadway.

And are enveloped in the sound of live music.

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North End Boise Living – Loving My New Hood

North End Boise Living 13th Street Pub and Grill

The breeze is gently blowing through the trees.  A wind chime sounds, and  mourning doves murmur. Here and there I hear voices, people outside enjoying the summer evening, children playing. These are the sounds of my neighborhood. I’m walking through the Boise North End from the local gas station, carrying a 6-pack of beer and a stick of beef jerky. And I’m in love with my new hood.

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Stack Rock Trail – Hiking in Boise, Idaho

Stack Rock Trail Boise Idaho

How did I get so lucky? I love hiking so much. And I’ve landed in Boise, Idaho, which, like Denver, Colorado, is literally just minutes from tons of hiking trails. The trails right around Boise are high desert, exposed, wide open spaces, rolling hills of grassland. Sometimes I long for the peaceful, cool, wild beauty of Colorado forests in the Rocky Mountains, with a surprise around every wooded corner or across every murmuring creek. Stack Rock Trail, leading to a granite tower high above the city of Boise, recently gave me just the lush, shaded forest fix with stunning views I so craved. Plus, there’s the fun of going off the beaten path to get up close to Stack Rock.

And, the 10-mile hike kicked my ass!

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