If Only We Had One More Agile Certification. Just Kidding.

agile certification

Agile is not a project management framework. It’s a mindset. The world is littered with certifications and frameworks for how to apply Agile. We are inundated with the message that if we just apply this Agile framework, if we just have that Agile certification, all of our company’s problems will magically disappear. The world is full of consultants who claim to know exactly how to transform your company into an Agile nirvana.

There is no one size fits all for applying Agile. The only people who can decide how to apply Agile at your company is you. Let’s forget about certifications and frameworks and get back to the concise simplicity of the Agile Manifesto.

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Organic Agile: How My First Agile Environment Was the Best


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

My first and favorite Scrum environment I’ve ever worked in (actually, the first Agile environment I’ve ever worked in) was at my very first information technology job. I had just graduated from college with an English Writing degree and had somehow managed to land a technical writing job at a small software company in Denver. Looking back, this was the most collaborative, cross-functional, self-organizing, transparent environment I’ve ever been in. The company’s development group was doing and being Agile using Scrum just naturally, without explicitly saying, “Hey, look at us, we’re doing Scrum!” We were Agile and didn’t even know it.

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Finding Flow In Life and At Work


This morning, my mind was a swirling, chattering, babbling mass of To Dos, all clamoring for my attention, like a bunch of lunatic, caterwauling animals. The result? I sat at the breakfast table staring into my coffee cup, crippled by indecision. All of the To Dos were important. How would I ever get them all done? A day of multi-tasking sounded hideous. Finding flow seemed impossible.

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